Prepare Yourself For SEO Changes In 2021

This year can be so far regarded as a good start for SEO. Plenty of changes have been seen in SEO this year which includes organizing search results around the pandemic. This will avoid all misinformation to Google’s Featured Snippets updates. Therefore, all these updates will keep marketers on high alert.

Needless to say, this is nothing new. But the constant with SEO keeps on changing and there are some SEO changes that you can expect in 2021. To prepare yourself well this year, you should take assistance from an expert SEO company in Chandigarh. This way you can see improvement in your business over the remaining months.

Google Page Experience Update

The announcement that comes out of Google this year regarding SEO is about the page experience update which will make the user experience an SEO ranking signal later in 2021.

This update is based on Core Web Vitals that measures the speed and usability of a web page. Fundamentally, this update focuses on the commitment of Google in displaying only high-quality links in the search results.

How To Prepare Yourself For This SEO Change In 2021:

You must improve the page load speed, eliminate unexpected out shifts, and reduce the bounce rate to ensure your website does not experience any issue. You can take assistance from an expert Digital marketing company in Chandigarh for improved results.


Google also wants to measure your brand’s strength this year. Moreover, Google wants to see the E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) of your brand and then rank your website accordingly.

Google Now not only pays attention to your website but also what others are talking or indicating about your site, to finally determine your brand strength.

Voice Search

It’s not been much time since voice search gained popularity in terms of SEO. Google has since started architecting its search results pages to put up shorter answers, especially in the Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes form. All this is done with the aid of AI which was introduced back in 2019. After the coronavirus pandemic, people started spending more time searching through voice to get quick answers to their questions.

Therefore, gird your loins and be ready to face all the challenges this year. You can reduce your business stress by hiring a leading SEO company in Chandigarh that knows how to adapt well in all situations.


Focus on improving user experience, brand strength, and voice search and ultimately you’ll earn success this year. Invest in the content that serves your audience and you will reap the benefits in the forthcoming year.

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